Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello! On Wendnesday, I went to Iwami-area with my zemi friends for making guide book. Because, there are few information about Shimane in Japan guide book for foreign people. So, we research tourist spot in Shimane and make guide book in English.

This picture is 'Ryu-gennjimabu'. 'Mabu' (間歩) means mine. There is so narrow and dark.

We went there by bicycle. It was so hard....

Anyway, we can enjoy and learn about Iwami area♪

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Favorite things♪

These are my instruments! The acostic-guitar name is 'Saku(朔)' and The bass-guitar name is 'Asuka'. These are cute aren't these??

I have played the guitar since 2 grade of junior high school.  I love the guitar♪ It is so fun when I was playing the guitar. I play 'instrumental music'. Do you know that? May be you don't know. 'Instrumental music' is music that was only used instrument, no lylics. If you interested in instrumental music, please listen Oshio Kotaro music. His music is so nice!


yesterday,I ate Yakiniku with my friends♪

it's so dericious!!! and enjoy talking with my friends♪

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My blog!!

hi! I'm GIN. This is my first blog written in English.

May be I'll make mistakes about spell......or something..

Please check my blog!!
I try to update the blog.

thank you♪