Monday, April 22, 2013

Important points between...

Spring is coming in Victoria, still weather is strange though. the morning is rainy, then the noon is sunny, and the evening is rainy again... This is Victoria.
Not only the weather, people also will have sounds like same situation in their life, I mean there are good memories and bad or sad memories. These things are mostly happen in human relationship, I think. It depends on people, but in my case, mostly relate with that. Human relationship is the difficult point that we have to think about in whole life. Someone doesn't care about it so much. I feel this is an important thing recently. Between you and friends, even you and your friends are good relationship, have to respect each other. There is a limit line that you cannot beyond. I know, this is a very simple and basic things in human relationship, but I heard too much about that problems.
Also, we have to keep the private things which is other's. Why people can write some posts which is relate with other's private things in the language that others cannot read. I feel weird about it. Yes, I think I have done those things. However, now I think in this way.
I'm in a foreign country, so that I'm care those things more than before.
Absolutely, this is only my opinion. I just want to write down so.
That's it. It is difficult that finish the blog with good sentences or word...


Saturday, March 2, 2013

After Period

Time passed so fast. I have been here, Victoria, for 6 months, and I have 6 months more. What the life! Many things have happened that were happiness and sadness. I have never thought that I would have experienced that.
I graduated from the school 2 weeks ago. That was not only the time for graduating school but also starting for 2 period of Canadian life. I'm thinking what I can do in the lest of the Canadian life. I hope I will do something that will be a unforgettable memory.
By the way, recently, my old friends visited Canada! I was really looking forward to see them for a long time. They have stayed only for 3 days, but I could have wonderful days with them. Thank you!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cloudy days

    Life goes so fast especially, when people are young. However, it depends on what people are feeling what you are doing or working for.
...yes, I'm too young to say that kind of thinking.
    Anyway, January is also became a sad month for me. One of my best friend who met here went back to his country. I'm not so sentimentalist but, saying good bye to him was sad.
    Now I'm in the last month of studying and fortunately, I could get a chance to work here. Thanks for a friend, I could so, I'm gonna work hard as much as I can.
    I've been here for almost 6 months now and I've had many experiences that I could not believe. Happiness, sadness, anger, suffering... I thought this trip would not be rough road. However, these experiences are going to be precious elements in my life. Yes, life has to be rough road and winding road to get knowledge and experiences which are important for living.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

Japanese eat soba on Dec. 31 for living in healthy way but, I don't have soba so, I made udon.
Good bye 2012, and welcome 2013. 
In 2012, I've experienced a lot of things such as, going study abroad in Canada. I've lived in here for 4 months now it means I finished 1/3 of my Canada' life. 
December was a little bit tough month for me. Not only study also saying good bye to my friends. This month, a lot of my good friends went back to their own country especially who took a same class as me. I think I wrote similar things before one but, sadder than before now. In contrast, I met many new friends in school and other social community. I still have plenty time of Canada' life. However I will.
2013 is going to be a challenging year for sure. I'll finish study on February then, start to work in here, Victoria. 
Helping each other, is really important to live especially, living in foreign country for a long time. I know how important it is but, now I feel more. 
What I want to say is that, THANK YOU. Thank you very much for my parents, friends in Japan and who met in Canada. I can live now because of your help.
Thank you.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Graduation from...

Last week, I graduated from Business English class. I've studied in this class for 2 months. This means, I finished one of the big goal for me. Thanks for a great teacher and nice class mates, I could enjoy the class. Many things what I've learned in this class, must be useful in near future. Thank you again for my teacher and friends.
 But, it isn't mean graduate from the school. Now, I'm taking the other class which is EPE program. EPE means "English for Post-Secondary Education" what I mean is I'm studying academic writing especially reading & writing. you know, I have to write graduation thesis in English so... anyway, I'm enjoying this class.
 I've been here almost for 3 months. Time goes so fast. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends but also I met a lot of sad situation which means saying good bye to them because they had to go back their own country. In Japan, it is not so difficult to meet old friends, like friends of university days, but it's really difficult to meet again friends who live in other country. Yes, we can keep in touch on the internet but meaning is totally different. Recently, I'm often thinking about meeting. I want to value relationship with many friends who met here. ... no, also friends I've ever met.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I didn't tell about my present situation. Now I'm studying at King George International College and now I'm taking Business English class. I graduate BE class on Nov. 19th. Then I'll take another program.
Anyway, I'd like to talk about Business English program, I mean what am I doing now in this class. As you can see, I'm studying about Business English and also what business is. Actually, it's surface of business but I learned lots of English that are using in business situations. And my teacher wants to push us from " Bubble " which mean teacher want us to go into real English situation. For example, I have to call some company or hotel or any businesses to get informations which we have to get. It's really difficult to hear voice by phone.
Today, we did some " Business Misson ". We pretend to business person who want to start new business and we're looking for office lease. So, we had to call lease company, got appointment, then check the office. First, I felt really nervous but it was good experience. Pretend to business person, I wore formal clothes, like white shirt and tie.
Like these activities, I'm studying not only in the class also out of the class.
In conclusion, I enjoy studying now.
This is a castle in Victoria. Beautiful, Eh?
Thank you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

October life.

Long time no see. Now you realize that I'm a lazy.
So, I'd like to write summary of this month.
First, from this month, I started to study about Business English. I really wanted to study this topic 'cause I don't know anything about this en it would be challenging for me I thought. until November 19th, I'll study this topic. It's difficult but I'm enjoying.
Then, I went to Rocky Mountain!! It was so good.

 I can't forget this memory. I've surprised nature's power. Fortunately, the weather was really good when I went there. If the weather had been bad, I couldn't have seen these beautiful lakes. It was awesome.
So, I'm enjoying Canadian life. If you want to know about Canada, please leave the comment. Thank you!