Thursday, October 21, 2010

Favorite things♪

These are my instruments! The acostic-guitar name is 'Saku(朔)' and The bass-guitar name is 'Asuka'. These are cute aren't these??

I have played the guitar since 2 grade of junior high school.  I love the guitar♪ It is so fun when I was playing the guitar. I play 'instrumental music'. Do you know that? May be you don't know. 'Instrumental music' is music that was only used instrument, no lylics. If you interested in instrumental music, please listen Oshio Kotaro music. His music is so nice!


  1. your guitar is nice and cool!

    I will search for Oshio Kotaro on the net.

  2. Hi Sho-tan!
    It's nice.
    Why were you named guitar "Saku and Asuka"??

  3. Hi,Gin!
    The photo is nice!
    I did see that you played the acostic-guiter just once. It was so amazing!! I respect you.
    Is "Asuka" your girlfriend's name?

  4. >>Hiroki
    Thank you♪ please check him! his play style is amazing!

    Hi AKKI-NA♪:-)
    my guitars were named by my friends.
    'Saku' is the person who is in '世界の中心で愛を叫ぶ'. And 'Asuka' is エヴァンゲリオン's character name.

    Thank you for your comment♪
    If you come to my house, I can show you♪
    ..........I do not have GIRLFRIEND!!!(;-;)