Monday, April 22, 2013

Important points between...

Spring is coming in Victoria, still weather is strange though. the morning is rainy, then the noon is sunny, and the evening is rainy again... This is Victoria.
Not only the weather, people also will have sounds like same situation in their life, I mean there are good memories and bad or sad memories. These things are mostly happen in human relationship, I think. It depends on people, but in my case, mostly relate with that. Human relationship is the difficult point that we have to think about in whole life. Someone doesn't care about it so much. I feel this is an important thing recently. Between you and friends, even you and your friends are good relationship, have to respect each other. There is a limit line that you cannot beyond. I know, this is a very simple and basic things in human relationship, but I heard too much about that problems.
Also, we have to keep the private things which is other's. Why people can write some posts which is relate with other's private things in the language that others cannot read. I feel weird about it. Yes, I think I have done those things. However, now I think in this way.
I'm in a foreign country, so that I'm care those things more than before.
Absolutely, this is only my opinion. I just want to write down so.
That's it. It is difficult that finish the blog with good sentences or word...


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