Monday, January 17, 2011

The best memory of 2010

I'm so happy that I could join a great live event for the second year in a row !!
Last year 2010, I joined a live event in summer. This event name is ''College Spirit 5''. Many bands which came from colleges in Sanin got together to have a live performance. So, it is a very big event  for the light- music club in Sanin. Two years ago, I also joined this event. Because of that, I'm very happy for the second year in a row !!
But, I enjoyed 2010's event better than 2009's. In the 2009's event, I had a performance alone because, I always play instrumental music by using the acoustic guitar. But in 2010's event, I had a performance as a BAND !! Of course, I like to play the instrumental music, but as a cooool♪
Any way, this is one of the best memory in 2010♪


  1. I wanna hear your performance again!

  2. Your last year was so great, I think.
    And your life is made from music!