Thursday, January 27, 2011


I go crazy like a crying baby, if I can't touch my guitar.
I always want and have to play the guitar. sometimes I have a live performance in university or the live house. So, I have to practice for it. Actually, I just like to play the guitar♬
The guitar which I have is my treasure. when I was junior high school student, I said to my father that I want to be able to play the guitar. And my father gave the guitar which he has. I was so surprised that he have the guitar, and also he can play it! Anyway, I have many good memories with this guitar. So, this is my treasure.
When I feel tired, I always play the guitar, because I feel relaxed. And playing the guitar hard, it is great relief for stress!;-) Not only that also I like the sound of the guitar.
Concluding, I LIKE THE GUITAR♬ ....Oh, it's wrong. I LOVE MY GUITAR♬

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