Monday, October 29, 2012

October life.

Long time no see. Now you realize that I'm a lazy.
So, I'd like to write summary of this month.
First, from this month, I started to study about Business English. I really wanted to study this topic 'cause I don't know anything about this en it would be challenging for me I thought. until November 19th, I'll study this topic. It's difficult but I'm enjoying.
Then, I went to Rocky Mountain!! It was so good.

 I can't forget this memory. I've surprised nature's power. Fortunately, the weather was really good when I went there. If the weather had been bad, I couldn't have seen these beautiful lakes. It was awesome.
So, I'm enjoying Canadian life. If you want to know about Canada, please leave the comment. Thank you!


  1. Looks beautiful! How far is this from where you are staying?

  2. >>Mr. Henneberry
    Beautiful, Eh? lol Now I'm living in Victoria about an hour and half from Vancouver by ferry. It was long journey... From Vancouver, it took 10 hours by bus...