Thursday, November 8, 2012


I didn't tell about my present situation. Now I'm studying at King George International College and now I'm taking Business English class. I graduate BE class on Nov. 19th. Then I'll take another program.
Anyway, I'd like to talk about Business English program, I mean what am I doing now in this class. As you can see, I'm studying about Business English and also what business is. Actually, it's surface of business but I learned lots of English that are using in business situations. And my teacher wants to push us from " Bubble " which mean teacher want us to go into real English situation. For example, I have to call some company or hotel or any businesses to get informations which we have to get. It's really difficult to hear voice by phone.
Today, we did some " Business Misson ". We pretend to business person who want to start new business and we're looking for office lease. So, we had to call lease company, got appointment, then check the office. First, I felt really nervous but it was good experience. Pretend to business person, I wore formal clothes, like white shirt and tie.
Like these activities, I'm studying not only in the class also out of the class.
In conclusion, I enjoy studying now.
This is a castle in Victoria. Beautiful, Eh?
Thank you.

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