Thursday, November 22, 2012

Graduation from...

Last week, I graduated from Business English class. I've studied in this class for 2 months. This means, I finished one of the big goal for me. Thanks for a great teacher and nice class mates, I could enjoy the class. Many things what I've learned in this class, must be useful in near future. Thank you again for my teacher and friends.
 But, it isn't mean graduate from the school. Now, I'm taking the other class which is EPE program. EPE means "English for Post-Secondary Education" what I mean is I'm studying academic writing especially reading & writing. you know, I have to write graduation thesis in English so... anyway, I'm enjoying this class.
 I've been here almost for 3 months. Time goes so fast. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends but also I met a lot of sad situation which means saying good bye to them because they had to go back their own country. In Japan, it is not so difficult to meet old friends, like friends of university days, but it's really difficult to meet again friends who live in other country. Yes, we can keep in touch on the internet but meaning is totally different. Recently, I'm often thinking about meeting. I want to value relationship with many friends who met here. ... no, also friends I've ever met.

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